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Winningprep European B-School Essay review Service
A must for every European B-School candidate

Note: At this time, due to capacity constraints, this service is Only available for INSEAD

    I spent weeks writing my INSEAD essays.

    Finally after much drafting & redrafting, I felt they were quite good.

    But I knew I had to get a third party expert opinion. The best option was somebody who was
    already accepted at INSEAD.

    So I called up an old pal, who had recently passed out of INSEAD and begged him to have a look at
    my Essays.

    Surprise! Surprise!  Week's worth of effort was torn apart mercilessly.

    What I thought were winners' in my draft essays were in fact 'Interview Traps'.

    Anyways, there was another round of drafting/redrafting and my final series of Essays did in fact
    turn out to be Winners, getting me an admission offer from INSEAD.

    So if you have written Your essay drafts and feel they are quite good.

    And you are looking for a third party expert opinion to quickly help improve your essays yourself,
    then help is at hand!

    The Winningprep European B-School Essay Review Service:

    We will

    Do a critical review of your mandatory  essays

    Check the logical consistency & credibility of your essays, with reference to your resume

    Review the essay presentation & structure

    Assess the strength, relevance & effectiveness of your writing

    Provide a brief holistic critique

    Provide comprehensive paragraph level review

    Identify opportunities for improvement for each Essay

    Provide a complimentary copy of 'Winning the MBA Admissions Game'  (worth USD 29)

    Check out a sample Essay that we reviewed recently

    All this for just $270

    What we expect from you:

    - Your updated CV (Max 4 pages)
    - Your final Essay Drafts

    After we have received these from you, you can expect to hear back from you within four
    working days.

    Why should you take up our Essay Service?

    I have myself gone through this rigorous process and come out a Winner. (Have a look at this admit
    from INSEAD).

    I did not have the benefit of  any external guidance and had to navigate the admissions minefield on
    my own.

    Though I did come out successful in the end,  I ended up spending too much time getting things  
    Subsequently, I have successfully guided scores of students to a Top 10 MBA.

    My personal experience, and my experience of working with other successful students, is the basis
    of this Review Service.

    Till now, this service was only available to students who took private coaching from my-gmat, and
    cost upwards of a thousand dollars.

    Now it is being made available to anyone who wants to ‘Win’ the MBA admissions game.

    Our Review team members have successfully gone through the rigorous selection process of Top
    B- Schools & know what it takes to make an application shine.

    In fact we know the admissions process so well, that we have written a best seller book 'Winning
    the MBA Admissions Game' !

    We will check your essays ourselves. No where in the world will you get teams supervised by real
    authors checking your Essays and making them shine!
    (Hence the Capacity Constraint)

    We are the ONLY service focused completely on European B-Schools.
    These schools need a subtly different kind of approach to other top B-Schools.
Learn about my
personal GMAT prep strategy

that got me a
780 Score and how
it can benefit YOU.
I can't believe my essays look so
different from their original

Even though the ideas have not
changed much, but the
presentation is so good that I am
almost in love with them.

I am sure these essays will make
my application much stronger &
help me get into LBS.

Will Keep you posted.

Catharina S (LBS Candidate)
I must say I owe a debt of
gratitude to you for revamping my
essays and helping me bring
across my 'unique' personality.

Even though I had an 'average'
gmat score and a so-so gpa, my
essays really helped me stand out
of the crowd by highlighting my
unique accomplishments.

thank you again winningprep!

S. fernandes (INSEAD)
I thought of going in for a
comprehensive Essay Service, but
as you mention in your book, there
was a real danger of my unique
personality getting lost.

So I decided to try out your Essay
service and I am extremely
pleased with the end result.

Managed to get an offer from both
LBS & Said.

KK (LBS & Said)
I must admit, you get a totally
difference kind of experience
working with 'Real' authors.

I had an LBS alumni check my
essays, but although I was happy
with the result, my essays did not
really stand out.

I decided to try the winningprep
essay service because it was
inexpensive, and moreover  I
wanted feedback as the
admissions committee would see
the essays.

I really must say that you
punched some big holes in my

Finally, I spent a long time
redoing the essays and managed
to get into Insead.

Martins S (Insead)
700+ GMAT