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The Winners' Guide to GMAT Math - Part I
This core Guide is an absolute MUST if you aiming at 700+
The Winners' Guide exclusively covers Algebra, Arithmetic, Sets, Geometry & Coordinate

FULL coverage of ALL topics & sub topics starting from the basics
PLUS over 180 fully solved problems covering each chapter of the above topics

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    GMAT Math is easy!  Well that is what I thought when I was preparing for the exam.

    But I knew better when I missed a perfect 800 score in the GMAT because of some mistakes on
    the math section.

    And from my personal experience, I can say that a lot of students with Math/science background
    feel the same way.

    On the other hand, there are students who shudder at the very thought of facing a math problem.

    Well, neither of these approaches are conducive to a high math score.

    What is required is a thorough study of the fundamentals, a basic grasp of the concepts, and
    developing an ability to apply these concepts to the gmat type problems.

    Then comes the ability to solve a gmat problem in multiple ways, the ability to use shortcuts when
    stumped, and the ability to guess intelligently.

    Whether you are a novice or a math expert, you do need to brush up /build up your fundamentals,
    and then go on to the tougher problems.

    And this is Exactly what the 'Winners' Guide to GMAT Math does.

    It helps you to develop a solid understanding of the underlying concepts, builds upon this

    understanding by providing various different types of examples, exposes you to alternative

    ways of looking at a particular problem, and finally shows you how to use shortcuts.

    Unique Features of the  Winner's Guide to GMAT Math - Part I

    Comprehensive coverage of Algebra, Arithmetic, Sets Geometry & Coordinate Geometry  for the

    All Theory & Questions based around the Actual GMAT questions that have appeared on
    these topics in the recent past.

    All topics & subtopics covered extensively over 210+ pages.

    Over 180+ fully solved problems to ensure in depth understanding of All concepts.

    No Superfluous Material. You study ONLY what is required for the GMAT. No learning difficult
    concepts or theories that will never get tested on the GMAT.

    Instant Delivery: Since this is an eBook, you will be able to download it instantaneously after you
    have made the payment.

    Table of Content


    - Mode
    - Median
    - Arithmetic mean
    - Weighted Arithmetic mean
    - Geometric mean
    - Average Speed
    - Short Cut to Calculate Average Speed
    - Practice Problems

    - Background
    - Graphical Representation of Alligation
    - The Cross Method
    - The Straight Line Approach

    - Definition
    - Importance of Base for Calculations
    - Concept of Percentage Change
    - Difference between the Percentage Point Change and the Percentage Change
    - Calculating Percentage Values through additions
    - Percentage Change Graphic
    - Effect of a Change in Both Numerator and Denominator on the Ratio
    - Practice Problems

    -Worked Out Problems

    - Time Value of Money
    - Terminology
    - Depreciation
    - Practice Problems

    - Important Properties of Equal Ratios

    - Background
    - The Concept of Negative Work
    - Work Equivalence Method
    - Practice  PROBLEMS

    - Relative Speed
    - Acceleration
    - Boats and Streams
    - Circular motion
    - Clocks

    GEOMETRY : Lines, Angles & Triangles
    - Straight Lines
    - Triangles
    - Important Terms

    Geometry: Polygons & Quadrilaterals
    - Regular Hexagon
    - Quadrilaterals
    - Rhombus
    - Square
    - Geometry: Circles
    - Properties of Circles
    - Tangents
    - Ellipse
    - Star

    - Cuboid
    - Cube of side s
    - Prism
    - Cylinder
    - Pyramid
    - Cone
    - Sphere
    - Frustum of a cone

    SETS & Venn Diagrams
    - Background
    - Different Ways of Representing a Set
    - Types of Sets
    - Operations on Sets
    - Set Algebra
    - Some Important Results
    - Practice  PROBLEMS

    - Background
    - Properties of Inequalities
    - Definitions of slack inequalities
    - Certain Important Inequalities
    - Some Important Results
    - Solving Linear Inequalities in one Unknown
    - Solving Quadratic Inequalities
    - System of Inequalities in one Unknown
    - Inequalities with Absolute Value Function
    - Practice Problems

    - Cartesian Coordinate System
    - Illustration
    - Centre of Gravity or Centroid of a Triangle
    - An Important Result

    - Linear Equation With One Variable
    - Simultaneous Equations
    - Quadratic Equations
    - Roots of a quadratic equation
    - Discriminant
    - Relation between roots and coefficients
    - Equations reducible to Quadric Equations

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The Winners' Guide to GMAT Math - Part I
Learn about my
personal GMAT prep strategy

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780 Score and
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