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Video Series for 700+ GMAT
Difficult GMAT Math Concepts de-mystified by experts!

Covering: Number Theory, Statistics, Probability, Permutation/Combination
GMAT Probability
In recent years, probability & Combinations questions have been appearing with increasing regularity in
the GMAT, more so at the 700+ levels. So it is important to be familiar with this topic.
GMAT Permutations & Combinations
This is amongst the most confusing sections in the gmat.
Here a gmat expert de-mystifies the concepts behind GMAT permutations &
In recent years, probability & Combinations questions have been appearing with increasing      regularity
in the GMAT, more so at the 700+ levels.

    Most recent test takers have  faced  2-4 probability/combination questions in their GMAT Exam.

    This is one subject that is unfortunately, not covered well in the commonly available GMAT
    prep books or in classroom courses.

    And some of the specialist books/courses go way above the level required for the GMAT,
    resulting in wasted effort that does not result in a higher score.

    Here are some video tutorials on these Topics that are GMAT specific and should help you with
    your GMAT prep.

    If you want to do further practice on these topics, you should definitely go through the 'Video
    Series for 700+ GMAT'. These videos exclusively covers these four topics in detail.

These are: Number Theory, Statistics, Probability, Permutation/Combination

    Unique Features of the  'Video Series for 700+ GMAT'

    Focus on the difficult GMAT Math topics that are not covered well in Standard books/courses.
    (Four Topics are covered: Number Theory, Statistics, Probability,  Permutation/Combination)

    All Theory & Questions based around the Actual GMAT questions that have appeared
    on these topics in the recent past.

    Over 300 minutes duration with multiple concepts explained & problems solved.

    No Superfluous Material. You study ONLY what is required for the GMAT. No learning
    difficult concepts or theories that will never get tested on the GMAT.

    Instant Access: Since the videos are hosted on YouTube, you will have instant access
    after you have made the payment.

    Why Should you Buy 'Video Series for 700+ GMAT?

    If you are aiming at 90 Percentile + in the GMAT Math, you need to cover ALL the Topics well.

    There have been innumerable instances, where students get a Probability or a Stats Question
    in the first 10.

    As you well know, getting a single question wrong in the first 10 can jeopardise your chances
    of a good score.

    These videos have been specifically created to supplement the Standard prep Books/courses
    available in the market.

    They include questions similar to the ones that have appeared in the GMAT in the recent past,
    especially at the 700+ level.

    You will NOT find these questions either in the Official Guide or in the Standard Prep Books.

    In fact, these topics are pretty much simply ignored because they are usually (but Not always)
    asked at a higher score level, and the official guide and the standard courses target the
    600-650 score audience.

    These videos were originally created exclusively for students who take private coaching from

    Now they are being made available for anyone who is aiming at 700+ score in the GMAT.

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700+ GMAT