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GMAT Practice - Full Length Computer Based SectionTests

    So you have now gone through all the Verbal & Math fundamentals, you know your formulae, and
    you know your Sentence Correction rules, what next?

    In the GMAT, getting your timing right is half the battle won.

    The other half is practice, practice and practice...

    Practising under timed condition should help you:

    Eliminate silly mistakes
    All of us have those moments where you want to kick yourself for making a schoolboy error!!

    Get your pacing right
    There are many a brilliant student, who can score at least 10 percentile point more, if only they had
    an extra 10 minutes!!

    Build Stamina
    An exam that last over four hour does require some effort towards 'stamina building'

    But watch out!  Doing full length tests day in - day out can result in burnout.

    It is better to do section tests to start with.

    After completing a test, go through the explanations thoroughly, and identify areas where you lack

    To help you with your practice, we have recently launched a series of section tests under the name,

    Online Section Tests for GMAT Winners

    Some of the unique features of these tests are:

    Completely Online
    So You get used to solving questions on the computer.

    Time Restriction
    To help you get your pacing right & get the 'GMAT' feel.

    Instant Results
    You will be presented with your percentage scores immediately after completing the test.

    Detailed Solutions
    So that you can identify where you went wrong, and more importantly, learn from it.

    Percentile score
    The GMAT being a relative test, it is important that you know where you stand vis a vis other
    students. For each test, you will be told the marks that correspond to a 90 percentile score, based
    on other students who have taken the test.

    Unique Questions
    You will NOT find these questions anywhere, neither in our eBooks nor any other prep guides.

    For a Special Launch Price of Only 29.00 USD, you will get:

    Seven Online Full Length GMAT Math Tests, including two ''High Difficulty' Tests

    Three Online Full Length GMAT Verbal Tests

    Click Here to Buy

    Money Back Guarantee

    As with all our products, our Test series is covered by our 'No Questions Asked' money back

    So try these tests, and if you are not happy for any reasons, simply send us an email with your
    Receipt Number within 8 weeks of your purchase, and the money will be refunded to you. No
    Questions Asked!

    GMAT Online Test FAQs

    Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding these tests.

    Q. I am planning to take the GMAT next year, will I still have access to these tests?

    A. Yes. You will have access to these tests for TWO years after your date of purchase.

    Q. I have already bought your Winners' Guides, will the questions from those be duplicated in these

    A. Absolutely NO!  ALL questions in these tests are unique and have taken a lot of time for us to
    prepare. You will not only NOT find these questions in our study material, but will not find them

    Q. Do these tests reflect the GMAT standards?

    A. Yes. These tests are similiar in Quality to the actual GMAT questions asked in the last six
    months. These tests however do NOT consist of real GMAT Questions, so you need not have any
    concerns about violating copyright etc.

    Q. I need to raise my score above 700. Do these tests contain tough questions?

    A. Apart from the Starter Math tests (which is given free), ALL these tests have a generous mix of
    hard and very hard questions to give you a real feel of the actual GMAT test at the 700+ level. In
    addition to this, there are two 'Hard' Math tests that exclusive consist of 90 percentile + Math

    Still not convinced these tests will help you improve your scores?

    Try out three full Length Sample Tests FREE!!

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